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Welcome Clients and Thank You for your business. 


Please contact me using the contact form on this website and I will be able to email you a Welcome Packet of Information on the Investment and Packages. Please note: Investment includes time, talent, detailed editing, digital files to share, keep and print. This includes a print release. Retainers, session fees and all inclusive session fees are non-refundable. 


PBJA offers a referral program for all clients. Please contact me using the contact form on this website and I will be able to email or put out information in the mail to you, all the details about the referral program. 


PBJA offers Gift Certificates in all amounts for Sessions & Products. Please contact me using the contact form on this website and I will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. 


{Newborn/Child-Children/Mommy & Me, Session Information}

The Mommy & Me™ photography sessions are usually a one-hour session (for children/toddlers) and a two-hour session (for newborns/0-9 months), documenting special moments with both mommy and child/children. These sessions are specific theme sessions set up and designed to capture unique moments in time. Below here I will be listing important information, Q&A, FAQ, etc for you to review before your scheduled session. If you have any further questions please feel free to comment here on the blog, on Facebook, or contact me directly through the contact form on the website.

Newborns  / Children / Toddler Q&A

How long do the photo sessions run? — When booking an appointment with PBJA for your newborn session, normally I only book one newborn per day. While I ask that you reserve at least two hours in your appointment schedule for picture taking, the most important thing to remember is we are working on your newborns schedule. The picture taking process may only take two hours, but you have to account for time in between for feedings, outfit changes, a possibly fussy baby, a wide awake baby who may not want to sleep at the session, etc. While I don’t let the time frame get out of control, for these sessions I clear my schedule for the day. Please note: Newborn sessions are best when the baby is between 5-14 days old. 

How many outfits changes are allowed? — This is totally up to you. You are allowed to bring as many outfits to use during the session and during the appointment time frame we will use as many as possible, remembering we are working on your newborns schedule. Are you limited? Nope, bring what you want your newborn to be photographed in.

Do you use props, or provide props for use in the session, and if so, do you have to use them? — Yes, PBJA has literally tons and tons of props to pick from. Bowls, baskets, crates, blankets, hats, headbands, tutus, etc. You are more than welcome to use the props during your session. If you prefer less props or no props we can work with that as well. It is totally the call of the client. I will bring out and show you a certain amount of pulled props for use ahead of time, and you can determine if you like/want to use them.

What should I bring with me? — Diapers/forumla-bottle-food/outfits/any type of musical toy or favorite toy/ that may sooth or calm the newborn or child for use during their session, blankets, burp clothes, wipes, and more. Fill that diaper bag up, we have more than enough room to accommodate your gear. Anything else you think you may need during this estimated one-to-two hour session. If you have any special items, or gifts, (i.e., handmade items, blankets, booties, etc, that you would like detail photos taken of, please pack those as well.

Do I have to be in the photos with my child? — For newborns, usually the focus is on the baby, BUT… if you would like to appear in the photos for specific Mommy and me, Daddy and me, Family or a lifestyle photo shoot of you at home, in your nursery with your baby, we can definitely schedule the session to be shot that way. Just email me or use the contact form on the page to let me know what your thoughts are.

What kind of outfits work best for the photo session? — Usually solid color outfits, no logos, no crazy wild prints work best in capturing and presenting the best gallery of images for your session. But as always, it is up to the client how they would like to dress themselves/children. Just remember you’ll be sharing these pictures for years to come!

When will I see my photos? — You will see a {Quick Look} blog posting of your photos that very same day. The turn around on editing I usually tell the clients is one-three weeks, but usually depending on my work load you will see your complete session within a week.

Can I order the disc of images if it isn’t included in my package? — Yes, the Digital DVD High Resolution Disc of Images are sold A’la Carte at a separate rate. Thumb drives are also available to hold the High Resolution images, by request. Please inquire if interested.

What if I want to order a Canvas or Larger Print Size photos, separate from what is included in my package. Can I do that? — Yes, I’ll work with you and get you a free quote on any larger size custom canvas or larger prints, and will personally deliver them to your home when they arrive in.

What packages are available for Newborn? Children? Family? Mommy & Me, etc. – Inquire with PBJA to find out the specifics to each package and current pricing. Feel free to use the contact form on the contact page of the website.


1. I’m already looking forward to working my hardest for you.
2. Newborns are such a joy and a blessing. I try my hardest at each and every session to capture all the tiny details for you!
3. I may be a border line prop junkie…so if you are looking for a special photo prop to appear in your session, please inquire to see if I have it or can obtain it.
4. Babies can have an off day just like the rest of us, if for some reason your session doesn’t go as planned, we will do it all over again, no worries!
5. I Thank You, so very much, …for allowing me the opportunity to capture memories for you and your family!

Well I hope that you feel more prepared for your upcoming Session (Newborn/Child-Children/Mommy & Me/Family/Engagement, etc) with Photography By Joyce Ann. If you have any further questions please feel free to comment below, or contact me directly.

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