Boutique Packaging – 5 TIPS

Boutique Packaging is such an important part of your Marketing Set! Other than the precious images you will be presenting your client with, this is the final presentation of all your hard work and effort after your photo session.

Here are five really easy tips that I learned along the way to make it special.

1) Color Matching (As I am sure you know if you read my post on “Matching”, I really like when everything is color coded and matches, I’ve been like this from a young age.) For Photography By Joyce Ann, I decided to use a variety of teal/blue colors in the final presentation. So all similar colors in this same group and that idea to use these colors came from our Logo. Remember you want your packaging to represent your company BRAND. Color Matching will help you do that!

2) Ribbons – When I think of ribbons the first thing that comes to my mind is a Present. And essentially… that is what you are giving to your client at the end of your scheduled session, a present filled with bright, vibrant, colorful and precious images you were able to capture and now share with them. So my suggestion is put a bow on it and jazz it up!

3) Proof Boxes  – Proof Boxes are a great way to present your final individual 4×6 prints. Mix it up a bit and add in both Color & Black and White Images! Show your clients how GREAT their images can look in both. The proof box is also a great way for transporting your images before your clients can get them into their own personal albums, or scrapbooks.

4) Simple Touches – It’s the small things that make a difference. Throw something unique into the mix of your final packaging, something your client wasn’t expecting but will treasure like a Mini photo book, a Thank You Postcard, a small photo gift they didn’t know they would be receiving, a fun way for them to share images with others, a logo notepad set, or a referral card for them to receive credit if they send a new client your way, etc.

5) Be Unique! – Of course we are always curious as to what others are up to. How do they package their final products? What do they do for the clients? So if you must, research it, go to google, take a peak and get some inspiration and when you get that all out of your system, take a look at what you think you need, and be unique! Of course it’s a compliment to follow others, but here is the chance to be creative! Maybe it’s time to set a trend and have someone follow you, lol!

Be creative, do what works for you and always remember to keep your client in mind! Beautiful packaging will have a lasting impression! You want the whole experience to be memorable! Now get out there and have some fun!! (c)PhotographyByJoyceAnn.

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