The ‘H’ Family – Fall Mini Session

The ‘H’ Family – Fall Mini Session. Oh my… look how BIG these two adorable cuties have grown this past year! K&B, just as cute as ever, sure had a fun time in the gardens this morning. Running around, playing on the bike and the race car, watching the fish in the water, running up and down the hills, what a full morning they had! Both filled with so much energy they really kept me moving with them today. A few weeks ago, Miss K started school and from what I am told she has the BEST teacher in WHOLE world, so she really likes school which is fantastic! Both of these children are so smart and so fun… little Mr. B even told us done when he was all done taking photos, haha. 

Sister. Brother. My most beloved friend. 

Of all the things I have to play, I’d choose my sibling any day. 

K&B_Fall Session_5K&B_Fall Session_6K&B_Fall Session_7K&B_Fall Session_8K&B_Fall Session_9K&B_Fall Session_10K&B_Fall Session_11K&B_Fall Session_12K&B_Fall Session_13K&B_Fall Session_14K&B_Fall Session_15K&B_Fall Session_16K&B_Fall Session_17K&B_Fall Session_18K&B_Fall Session_19K&B_Fall Session_20K&B_Fall Session_21K&B_Fall Session_22K&B_Fall Session_23K&B_Fall Session_24K&B_Fall Session_25K&B_Fall Session_26K&B_Fall Session_27K&B_Fall Session_28K&B_Fall Session_29K&B_Fall Session_30K&B_Fall Session_31K&B_Fall Session_32K&B_Fall Session_34K&B_Fall Session_33K&B_Fall Session_38K&B_Fall Session_36K&B_Fall Session_35K&B_Fall Session_37

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