The ‘H’ Family – Fall Mini Session – Quick Look.

The ‘H’ Family – Fall Mini Session. Oh my… look how BIG these two adorable cuties have grown this past year! K&B, just as cute as ever, sure had a fun time in the gardens this morning. Running around, playing on the bike and the race car, watching the fish in the water, running up and down the hills, what a full morning they had! Both filled with so much energy they really kept me moving with them today. A few weeks ago, Miss K started school and from what I am told she has the BEST teacher in WHOLE world, so she really likes school which is fantastic! Both of these children are so smart and so fun… little Mr. B even told us done when he was all done taking photos, haha. Stay tuned for more photos to come this week!

Sister. Brother. My most beloved friend.

Of all the things I have to play, I’d choose my sibling any day. 

K&B_Fall Session_1K&B_Fall Session_2K&B_Fall Session_3K&B_Fall Session_4

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