M&M — The Twins Turn FOUR! Part One & Two!

M&M — The Twins Turn FOUR! WOW that year went by fast! M&M is one of the sessions I am so thankful to be a part of yearly. It is such a treat to watch them grow and capture them! They change so much every 12 months, they really are amazing little ones! It’s so cute to hear them talk to each other in their own conversation, watch them play the telephone game and share secrets, search for rocks together… etc. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this family and these twins. Our session today consisted of barns, gardens, walking, running, rock searching, the outside of a tool museum, a few smiles, some jokes, funny faces and more! Take a  look at these images from M&M’s session and stay tuned for more photos to follow on the blog this week!

 “Brother and Sister” — “Teammates” —  “Playmates” — 

“Best Friends”  — “Some miracles come in pairs”



M&M_4YrOld_13M&M_4YrOld_14M&M_4YrOld_15M&M_4YrOld_16M&M_4YrOld_17M&M_4YrOld_18 copyM&M_4YrOld_19M&M_4YrOld_20M&M_4YrOld_21


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