Travel Blog Post Rhodes, Greece!

Travel Photo Blog Post Rhodes, Greece! Travel Tips. Photos and More! 10 DAYS, 1 COUNTRY, 3 AMAZING LOCATIONS! This blog post is going to feature Rhodes and then we are going to hop over and explore Athens. If you want to check out our travel post on Santorini, click here! One beautiful country with each location offering something different. Rhodes was a great place to spend a few quick days. Rhodes is located on the Aegean’s eastern edge, a well preserved medieval city! One of the most captivating islands in Greece! We did a LOT of walking in Rhodes checking out Old City Rhodes and the Palace of Grand Master Knights was like walking back in time to medieval days. We took a bus to visit the Village of Lindos to check out the Acropolis of Lindos, which had amazing views, and was well worth the visit! We ended our time in Rhodes checking out Mandrake Harbor. We hope you enjoy these highlight photos of our time spent in Rhodes. 

Travel Tips: 

1. It was best to take a taxi from the airport to the hotel as it was approx. 30 minutes away. Taxi fares are listed outside the airport, so you know what your fee will be before getting on your way. 

2. The spring time in Rhodes was very cool and breezy, especially staying near the water, so make sure to pack long sleeves and/or wear layers or a jacket you can take on/off. The sun however was out and very bright each day we were in town. 

3. If you enjoy walking, get ready to walk and explore this place. Wear comfy shoes! Once you are in Old Town you can walk through dozens and dozens of side streets to shops, cafes, and through the town. Be careful, you can get lost in it. 

4. As we decided to fly into Rhodes from Athens, it was smart to book all travel before leaving the U.S. to keep us on a good timeline. So much quicker than taking the boats from Athens and other islands. Athens airport is your main hub so if you fly all over Greece, you will be visiting the Athens airport frequently. 

5. If you are looking to take a trip to the Village of Lindos, to see the Acropolis of Lindos, we definitely recommend taking the bus. It takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes, with several stops along the way, but is the most direct and efficient way to get there. They only allow you to purchase a one way ticket out to Lindos, and then where they drop you off in Lindos, you purchase a return ticket before leaving for your way back. The bus comes a few times a day, make sure to check the bus schedule. The views of the town and the water are amazing, they surround you from your view from the top. It was well worth the visit and the trip! 

Stay tuned for Athens, Greece… coming up next! 


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