Sisters. Pregnant. Cousins to be! Little Girls!!

Sisters. Pregnant. Cousins to be! Little Girls!! What a special sister session on the blog this evening. I can only imagine what a wonderful experience it has been for these two ladies, two close sisters to go through their pregnancies together. Gwen on baby #3 and Casey on baby #1… and two little girls who will be so close in age and get to share in some of the wonderful times together throughout life, like these two sisters have. GIRL POWER! How Special! Both of these ladies are some of the sweetest people I know and its so wonderful knowing they have such exciting times ahead!

Stay tuned for more images from this Sisters Maternity Session!

“A daughter is a joy brighter, a heart warmer, a memory maker; a daughter is LOVE”

Gwen and Casey_1Gwen and Casey_2Gwen and Casey_3

Gwen and Casey_4

Gwen and Casey_5

Gwen and Casey_6

Gwen and Casey_7Gwen and Casey_8Gwen and Casey_9

Gwen and Casey_10Gwen and Casey_11Gwen and Casey_12Gwen and Casey_13Gwen and Casey_14Gwen and Casey_15

Gwen and Casey_16Gwen and Casey_17Gwen and Casey_18Gwen and Casey_19Gwen and Casey_20Gwen and Casey_21Gwen and Casey_22Gwen and Casey_23Gwen and Casey_24Gwen and Casey_25Gwen and Casey_26

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