Travel Blog Post Santorini, Greece!

Travel Photo Blog Post Santorini, Greece! Travel Tips. Hotel. Food. Photos and More! 10 DAYS, 1 COUNTRY, 3 AMAZING LOCATIONS! This blog post is going to feature Santorini and then we are going to hop over and explore Rhodes and lastly, Athens. One beautiful country with each location offering something different. Santorini will not disappoint. We saw some of the most beautiful scenery here! From its picturesque whitewashed villages that scale the steep cliffs overlooking the Aegean, to our amazing hotel Mystique raised on the cliff above the Aegean giving us the most gorgeous views of the caldera and the deep blue sea this was surely a trip to remember and one to recommend others to take! 

Travel Tips: 

1. Bring a hat, the sun is hot and in full force even in the Spring season!

2. Pack sunglasses as you will need them for most of the day.

3. If you enjoy walking, get ready to walk and explore this place. Wear comfy shoes! Be careful though as many steps, and paths are uneven and varied in length, width and height. (Hip workout!)

4. As we decided to fly into Santorini from Athens, it was smart to book all travel before leaving the U.S. to keep us on a good timeline. So much quicker than taking the boats from Athens and other islands. Athens airport is your main hub so if you fly all over Greece, you will be visiting the Athens airport frequently. 

5. Booking transportation through the hotel, to transport us back and forth to the airport on the island, worked out so well for us. They even sent us with breakfast boxes in the early morning the day we checked out! 

6. Bring your CAMERA! 

More Coming Soon! 












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