A Very Special Bridal Shower

A Very Special Bridal Shower

When someone you have known for a very long time is having her bridal shower what do you? 1. You show up! 2.You bring your camera! 3. You have a GREAT time! And thats exactly what happened last weekend. But before we get to that last Spring Tina & Christian Engagement Photos were featured on the blog, remember these two and their Fishing theme… well boy did time fly by because now… the big day is only two months away and it was Bridal Shower time!

People came from all over to honor Tina and congratulate and wish them both well. From girls who used to play together in kindergarten, high school buddies that still socialize on a regular basis, college roommates, immediate family, Aunts, cousins, new and close pals, the ladies from the Legion, one GREAT Aunt from her fathers side… and others who are considered “family” because of the bond and years that their families spent together, all gathered for a fun filled afternoon of crossword puzzles, games, prizes, go fish toys, great food, terrific presents and more! A fishing themed cake, a bridal crown with veil for the princess, a bride to be button, and a sign in banner for well wishes are just some of the fun images from the shower you will find here on the blog. 

Bridal showers aren’t something you normally see on PBJA, but knowing Tina for so long, how could I not be the one to document this very important day for her! Take a seat and grab a treat and enjoy the sampling of photos here … (as the bride-to-be gets to enjoy all 300 photos!) from this very special bridal shower honoring Tina.

Very best wishes for a lifetime of happiness together, you will be married before you know it! 








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