The S Family Outdoor Photo Session Part One & Two!

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of doing a photo session with The S Family! The rain held off and the sun came out allowing us some time in the park to take some photos of the adorable Little Miss. M, and the handsome Little Mr. R! Little Miss. M is such a little lady all dressed up looking like a princess! She has just about perfected the C-H-E-E-S-E smile and did a great job today! She had a blast looking at and counting the cows in the pasture behind us and also enjoyed her short wagon ride! Little Mr. R is 6 months and this is the first time I had the pleasure to meet him! What a cutie, and when you can get him to smile it’s a knock-out smile, watch out ladies! I hope that you enjoy Part One and Part Two of The S Family!

“A family is a little world created by love.”

M&R_Sneak Peak_1

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M&R_Sneak Peak_2

M&R_Sneak Peak_3

M&R_Sneak Peak_5

M&R_Sneak Peak_4

M&R_Sneak Peak_6

 M&R_Sneak Peak_14-1

 M&R_Sneak Peak_14M&R_Sneak Peak_15-1M&R_Sneak Peak_15-3M&R_Sneak Peak_15M&R_Sneak Peak_16M&R_Sneak Peak_17M&R_Sneak Peak_18M&R_Sneak Peak_22

M&R_Sneak Peak_19M&R_Sneak Peak_21M&R_Sneak Peak_23M&R_Sneak Peak_24M&R_Sneak Peak_25M&R_Sneak Peak_27M&R_Sneak Peak_26

{Part Two Family Photo Time!}

M&R_Sneak Peak_28M&R_Sneak Peak_29M&R_Sneak Peak_30M&R_Sneak Peak_31M&R_Sneak Peak_7

M&R_Sneak Peak_8M&R_Sneak Peak_10M&R_Sneak Peak_11M&R_Sneak Peak_12M&R_Sneak Peak_9M&R_Sneak Peak_13M&R_Sneak Peak_32


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