M&M Twins Family Session!

M&M twins turn two! Happy Birthday little ones! M&M seemed to have a great time outside enjoying the park, the cookies, the sandwiches, the peaches, oh and the fruit snacks, they really liked the fruit snacks! They are getting so big. I can’t hardly believe how much they grew since last year. They are walking, dancing, running, and marching all over the place having a blast. … OH and talking up a storm. They are so smart and interested in everything all around them. So cute! In this session you will see they even got in some quality reading time with mom and dad.

“Children learn to smile from their parents.” – And these children smile a LOT! Amazing Family! The happiness just shines! 

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Time for kisses! 

Hehehe, someone told Little Miss M something so funny! 

Mommy & Me time! 

We found rocks! We found rocks! 

M&M Turn TWO! 

Cheese! This is a favorite! 

Stay tuned for M&M complete session coming up next! 

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