A Family Session and Little Mr. X!

It’s been a little while since I have had the opportunity to photograph Little Mr. X. Today we were able to have a Family Session at the Park. Little Mr.X, his dad, aunt, and grandma were able to join in for some family time in front of the camera. Our weather was pretty great and so was Little Mr. X. He knows how to work the camera and we were able to get some real big smiles out of him. Such a happy little man, surrounded by a family who loves and cares so much for him. He is about to turn 7, wow! He likes school, basketball, football, riding the bus, and his 3 fish at home in his fish tank! Having a conversation with a 7 year is just adorable, and he has a funny sense of humor as well! Not only did we have a fun time, but everyone was all dressed up for this big day… and if you stayed tuned on the BLOG you will see a JETS -JETS -JETS  J-E-T-S part of the session coming up. Favorite Team and It’s Football Season… so why not?!  Stay tuned for more photos to follow on the blog this week!

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Yes, he found a tree and climbed right in it, so cute! Boys will be boys! 

Model much?! 

Mr. X wanted to see every fountain in the park, so off we went! 

Look at the white one, he kept saying! 

They were coming for him! But of course, he liked it! 

Mr. X and grandma, so sweet! Big hugs, lots of love! 

Kisses for Auntie! 

Stay tuned to see the family in their Football and JETS gear!

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