M&M Twins One Year Session_Part One

{PART ONE} — M&M are back on the blog for their one year session! It was such a wonderful afternoon, spending time with M&M and their family today in the gardens. They have grown so much since their six month session, growing so big and strong and beautiful and just wait until you see their little teeth coming in, so adorable. If you enjoyed their session a few months back just wait till you see some of todays captures. They are so cute, and playful and full of cheer and they took so many wonderful pictures, many of them which include apples, YUM! Oh and not to mention they are standing… yeah! Any day now I’m waiting for a message to hear that they are walking, walking walking! But until then, the blog will be filled with new updates all week, so stay tuned. By the end of the week you will see three session parts posted. So make sure you stay tuned for more pictures to come and I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak.

“A joy that is shared IS a joy made double.” — English Proverb

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I’m not sure what M was looking at but boy was he surprised to see it! So adorable!

Little Mr. M just looked so preciously excited to be holding this apple, I couldn’t resist posting the shot below! 

Bye Bye for now…. see you in the next post!

I hope you have enjoyed Session Part One! Stay tuned for two more parts…PLUS… their FAMILY SESSION posting!

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