A Family Gathering at The Weatleigh, Lenox, MA

The Weatleigh is considered to be one of America’s Premiere Country House Hotels. This year they are celebrating 30 Years of Grandeur, Elegance, and Style. Below you will see a short gallery of family photos that were recently taken, for a family gathering at The Weatleigh, in Lenox, MA.  On a side note, I was able to enjoy a fabulous dinner here throughout the evening and their dining room was a incredible setting for an intimate dining experience. The setting makes for a relaxed and refined atmosphere. The dining rooms overlook mountains and lake, an ideal view for dining at sunset. The glass-enclosed portico is radiant with natural light and candlelight. The main dining room glows with firelight. As always I hope you enjoy the images below, a small sample of photos from this event, and if so feel free to leave some comments on the blog! 

{A Family Gathering At The Weatleigh}

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