The Neon Light Museum… A Real Treasure!

Welcome to the Photography By Joyce Ann Blog!  I decided to call this blog Grab A Treat and Find A Seat, as that is what I truly want you to do, be able to grab your laptop, ipad, notebook, get on your computer or mobile device, grab a tasty treat, take a seat and enjoy this website, the images, the blog, and more! 

The Neon Light Museum… A Real Treasure!

Having the opportunity to travel and the added bonus of being able to take my camera with me is such a joy. I wanted to take a few minutes to post some travel photos from my recent business trip to Las Vegas. What you are about to see are photographs that were taken during a recent trip out to Vegas… and they are not your typical Vegas type shots. Before planning my trip I made sure to schedule in advance tickets to view The Neon Light Museum as one of the few non-work related things that I wanted to see when in Vegas. The Neon Light Museum is a non-profit museum dedicated to preserving the history of the neon signs that once graced the fabulous Las Vegas Strip! The tour guide was great, so informative giving rich details to almost every single sign around us. The stories, the people, how they retrieved the signs and how they continue to share their history is what I would like to call a REAL Treasure! You can visit their website for more information or to schedule a tour but I just have to tell you this is definitely a MUST to do the next time you visit Las Vegas! There is a lot of rusty gold in the boneyard, so book your tour and be prepared to be impressed, I sure was. Oh… and bring a hat, it sure gets hot and sunny! 

Because travel is an adventure and I usually end up taking at least 1,000 photos for fun per trip, it becomes really hard to pick “favorites” or even select the ones to post up here for you to see. In any case, I hope you enjoy this short gallery of my travel images below… there are only a few here as I want you to book a tour and check out this amazing treasure for yourself!

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