{Turning One Is A Ton Of Fun – With My Cousins!} – Part 3

Little Miss K is back on the blog! It’s her birthday and she is turning the wonderful … ONE! — What’s better than your birthday?! How about… spending it with your cousins, yippie!!! Here are a few shots we were able to take of Little Miss H spending some birthday time in the park with her amazing cousins Ms. E and Little Mr. H. Here is Part Three of her photo session.

“Cousins Are Childhood Playmates Who Grow Up To Be Friends Forever “

Make sure you click View Full Post to see the entire session one gallery of images! 

The sunlight kept peaking through the trees on the kids, so pretty! 

Beautiful girls!

This was so cute to see… they kept watching each other and slowing getting a little closer, so cute!

Clapping Together is so much fun!

Someone was going to be getting a big kiss from her big cousin, so sweet.

Everyone clap together…

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