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Welcome to the Photography By Joyce Ann Blog!

I decided to call this blog Grab A Treat and Find A Seat, as that is what I truly want you to do, be able to grab your laptop, ipad, notebook, get on your computer or mobile device, grab a tasty treat, take a seat and enjoy this website, the images, the blog, and more! When starting this website in 2011 I was committed to having a blog section. Then life got busy, sessions got busy (THANK YOU!), things just got in the way, and now here we are in 2012, and I’m no further with the blog than I was before. So…here we go blog post number one, hello commitment, nice to meet you. I figure as soon as I get the first post up it almost forces me (in a good way) to continue to write more of them so here I go.

News & Updates:
Lots of things are happening with Photography By Joyce Ann in 2012. But first, 2011 was a wonderful first year in business! I seriously have the best clients ever and I’m very thankful for that. This year on top of the basic standard photo session packages, I am going to be offering theme, mini and lifestyle sessions throughout the year in specific children, baby and family categories. I ask that you please be patient with me… but stay tuned on the blog for all the exciting updates to come!

New! Gift Certificates Now Available. Please inquire on the contact page for any questions on the types of sessions offered and prices/packages available!
New! Birthday Party Photo Sessions. Looking to capture your little one on their Birthday Big Day?! I now do birthday party photo sessions. Feel free to inquire!

More FUN Facts:
On my website under the About Section you will find a list of FUN Facts about me. While this list totally stands true, I’m going to update you with some more information about me, just for fun! Oh and if you have a question, just comment below, and ask!

I’ve Been Framed! — You are probably thinking huh?! When it comes to pictures I know the world hearts digital images with all the technology, and social media available and who doesn’t want everything instant at their fingers tips? But I have to say not only am I a digital girl, I truly like PRINTS! My husband says I frame just about everything I can. Sadly, we are running out of room on our walls to hang photos, and updating them just becomes too hard as each print has a special meaning…hence why it is up on the wall in the first place. Maybe we need to move?! Just kidding. I’ve Been Framed is going to be a whole other post in CATEGORIES >> BLOG>> GRAB A TREAT, stay tuned for that photo gallery and maybe you will agree I’m running out of room on the walls, but always up for suggestions on ways to incorporate more prints around and about, so make sure you comment and leave me some suggestions!

Props or No Props — I’m definitely a props girl. But I like simple props like hats that are hand crafted and beautifully designed, of quality fabrics, warm colors and warm fabric items, simple headbands, buckets, wagons, pails, quilts, blankets, and who can’t instantly connect with a beautiful little girls tutu and say awww. So have no worries, when you book your session if you would like props to be included in the mix I have many, maybe too many to pick from. Props and Organizational Storage for these props are also going to be a whole other post in CATEGORIES >> BLOG>> GRAB A TREAT, so stay tuned for that photo gallery and maybe you will comment and/or share your prop organization style and pictures with me.

Cake Pops — As a side quick question, when were these invented, and how did I just learn about them like two months ago?! They are the most delicious treat I believe I have ever tasted. They are just the “right” size…it’s incredible. A piece of cake is way too much for me…and even a cupcake can be big and puffy and hard to eat on the go, but these cake pops are seriously like the best treat I’ve ever had.

Hello. I’m a MAC — Do you remember the Mac vs PC Commercials from a few years back? Well to put your mind at ease I’ll let you know right off the get go, I’m a MAC girl. I purchased my first mac in August of 2001 and I’ve never looked back. Over the years I have owned a few and currently I have both a brand new mac laptop, desktop, iphone and I’m awaiting for March 16th to arrive so that the kind Fed Ex delivery driver can bring me my New iPAD. I’m not even going to get into how everything connects together and works so well together and the cloud and the sync stuff, incredible!

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed my first blog posting and stay tuned there will be more to come, remember commitment! Any encouraging comments you want to leave are as always appreciated. Thanks. xoxo




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