{The W Family, continued}

The “W” Family is our featured family on the blog this week! I hope you enjoy the rest of their photo session images in the gallery below. What a beautiful family!

Just look at these adorable hats. Not only did they keep the girls warm…they are super stylish!

Miss L did a great job posing in this mint green vintage chair.

The sun decided to pop out of the clouds briefly and flashed ever so pretty on Miss L’s face.

Beautiful family smiles and what a happy little boy!!

I think Little Mr. S could see his reflection in the lens in photo two and from the looks of it he liked what he saw.

Miss. L having fun with mommy hugging the column. So cute!!

“If your happy and you know it CLAP YOUR HANDS…”

Laughter, hugs and giggles…

Time for a family stroll in the park…

Playing in the ROCKS!

Can you find the SILLY faces photo below???

I hope you enjoyed your family photo session as much as I enjoyed taking all your pictures! Thanks “W” Family!! Happy Fall!

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