Photography By Joyce Ann

Welcome to Photography By Joyce Ann!  This website is a work in progress. Check back soon for more updates!

My name is Joyce Ann. If you don’t know much about Photography By Joyce Ann, please continue and read on! If you are new to the website I hope that you enjoy viewing the galleries in the portfolio section of the site.

I am a graduate of King’s College and Misericorida University. I have enjoyed taking pictures since I was young and can remember picking up a camera. My style is unique and I do my best to capture the best of everything I see through the lens. My portfolio includes photos in the following categories: Travel, Children, Family, Nature, Weddings, Parties & Events.

Fun Facts About Me:

• I take my camera almost everywhere I go, as inspiration can be around every corner.

• I really enjoy shopping, some say its an addiction, but I just think its productive fun.

• The saying is “America runs on Dunkin” I feel like that is me sometimes, I run on Dunkin. I’m just not a Starbucks fan.

• My husband is the best part of what makes “me” me. He inspires me all of the time and is very creative himself.

• I enjoy layout, graphics, decor and design and try to bring creativity into every photo shoot!

• I could eat cupcakes for hours as they are so delicious!

• My husband and I travel all over the world which is basically a photographers DREAM!

• I have an amazingly talented  brother who is making a difference in the world and a fantastic set of parents.

• My husband is part of a big family and we all do almost everything together. Family is so important to us!

• I’m a reality TV Junkie and easily get hooked on TV series, so the DVD and Blue Ray Collection is extensive to say the least.

• The Boston Red Sox are my favorite Baseball Team!!

• I probably spend way too much $$$ on cameras and accessories, but I’m always trying to improve in each new project I take on.

I hope that some of my fun facts about me starts to give you an idea of what I am all about. I really enjoy photography and hope to bring my style to your next photo experience! Please feel free to inquire and ask any questions you may have. Fill out the form on the CONTACT page and I will get in touch with you shortly.

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